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These are some of the pictures from the rescue of stranded people in Kashmir, small Muslim state in India.
The Indian government has not declared these floods as the a national calamity till now. It’s been a week.
People are dying. Mothers are giving birth on the streets. Babies are dying. Elderly people are running out of medicines. People are hungry because all the food has been washed away.

I beg you kind people to take out 10 minutes from your day and go through my blog, we need reblogs. We need international awareness. We need people to come out and help from the other parts of the world. Because india is not doing anything.

I don’t why is it always us Muslims who have to go through all this, but I believe in Allah and I know he will make everything better. But prayers wont do the magic we need helping hands. We need angels.

You people can help.
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This is my first personal post on tumblr and it has to be for my home.
I am Sahar Wani from India, umm lemme do that again. I am Sahar Wani from the ‘Disputed land of India’ - KASHMIR (90% Muslim state).
I don’t think many people on tumblr must have heard about it, but you could google it 👆
The above picture is of my land which was 10 days back and is now.
We were hit by the worst flood in India since the last 50 years. The loss of lives and infrastructure is not known as it’s been 7 days and people are still stranded over the roof tops crying for help.
The worst hit areas would be
Rajbagh, JawaharNagar and Indranagar.
I live in Rajbagh, I’ve been living there for 21 years now. And my parents were in the house when the floods came in. They we’re saved by my helper (May Allah bless him forever and forever).
Our country INDIA (I don’t think we belong to India but…) was offered international aid from the UN and the WHO, and various other countries for the hospitals and the relief camps. But our government which recently changed, Mr. Modi as the PM of the country (This man was responsible for killing 1000’s of Muslims in Gujrat) has denied all the International Aid from the following countries
Australia and many more.
And his reason for doing so was that ‘India’ can take care of the facilities needed.
Well, my father is there and I get to know what is happening everyday and he tells me everyday not even joking or lying, he tells me he has not seen even one government official on the ground level. Only the Cheif Minister of the state was in the air throwing Bananas from the chopper in the FLOOD WATER.
No relief camps have been set up by the Indian government or the state government. Whatever is helping my people is the people themselves.

This is an appeal to all the following Muslim brothers and sisters to spread this news and help us with the International Aid.
Cholera cases has started to come in and the state has run out of medicines. Women are given birth on the streets as the hospitals are submerged and that too without any pain killers. Babies are dying as there are no ventilators available. Elderly people need medical help but the doctors are not available. People are DYING.
They are killing the only muslim state in Kashmir.

We need help and awareness.
I stay in Melbourne and I’m doing it on the behalf of my whole state. No one from my state has access to Internet and the awareness needs to be spread. I’m collecting funds and sending back home every week.

We all prayed for Gaza, let us join hands for Kashmir.
Let’s show the world, no matter how much they try to break us Muslims nothing is gonna tear us apart.
Make it bigger than ALS, this is not for the research this for saving lives of people in the moment.

May Allah be with us and with you.
#PrayForKashmir #PrayForHumanity

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